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All products manufactured by our company meets the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 025/2012, as evidenced delaratsiyami and certificates of conformity. Technical regulations, including cover hygiene requirements.


As a result of the work in 2014, the company officially entered the board of honor of the Mogilev region.

Доска почета 2014 цвет

For his great contribution to the development of economy and social sphere of the Leninsky district in 2011, the company officially entered the district on the board of honor of the Leninsky district of Mogilev city.


One of the main tasks for the collective Enterprise "OLSA" is to maintain a leading position in the CIS market and competitiveness abroad, development of new markets. With the advantageous geographical location of the enterprise (the center of Europe), we have the possibility of rapid delivery of its products by road or rail to any country.

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Политика руководства предприятия направлена на выполнение главной цели ОАО «Ольса»: выпуск и поставка качественной продукции, которая отвечает требованиям покупателей.