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Swing rocking "Fun" c431

Артикул: c431
Manufacturer country: Belarus

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WARNING: swing - rocking chair is not intended for collective use!

Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm: 2500 х 900 х 650.


· Steel pipe f32х1.5; f25х1.5; F51х1.5; 45; 18
· Polymer coating;
· Seats: 2 pc. of plastic.

Dimensions and packaging material: stretch film, shrink film and cardboard,
· Overall dimensions of the package (length x width x height) in mm: 300 * 163 * 765.
Maximum load, kg: with alternately applying of 200 kg .; while applying of 50 kg.
Weight, kg: 8.5
Loading on a pallet (800х1200): 24 pcs. (Height 925mm with products)

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