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Set of camping furniture "Picnic"

Set of camping furniture "Picnic"
Manufacturer country: Belarus

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  • Steel tube Ø 18x1.0 mm, Ø 16x1.0 mm, the polymer coating.
  • Fabric with film coating
    • Dimensions stool (4 psc):370x320x3700 mm. Max load kg: 100
    • Dimensions table:800x600x660 mm. Max load kg: 10
    • Weight:, kg – 10.3
    • Bag  made of polypropylene fabric

Loading on a pallet (800 * 1200): 60 pcs.

Set of camping furniture "Picnic" will become your indispensable companion on a trip out of town. This set will make your stay outdoors as comfortable and enjoyable.

Set of camping furniture "Picnic" consists of four folding stools and a folding table. C

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