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Simulator "Stepper"

Simulator "Stepper"
Manufacturer country: Belarus

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Material and design features of the simulator allows to exploit it more intensively 12 hours a day in outdoor conditions. The supporting structure - a pipe diameter of 114 mm. with a wall thickness of 4 mm., the pipe wall thickness AIV 3 mm., different shaped tubes of rectangular cross section with a wall thickness of 4 mm

simulator painting done by electrostatic spraying powder paint.

To install using a mortgage foundation (supplied).


1. Overall dimensions, not more than

    - Length - 2220 mm.

    - Width - 1200 mm

    - Height - 1400 mm.

2. The maximum allowable weight of one user - 150 kg.

3. Recommended Operating temperature - from -25 to +40 0C

4. Operating environment - open spaces

5. Weight - 248 kg.

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