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Submersible pump STREAMLET-1 M

Manufacturer country: Belarus

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It can be used for watering gardens, orchards, as well as for domestic water supply.

The pump does not have friction surfaces and moving parts, which contributes to a long and trouble-free operation.

Pump  has a thermostat, protects it from burning and automatically turns it off when overloaded. Watering gardens of the pump is made of magnetized water, t. To. The water passes through the electromagnetic drive is magnetized, thereby increasing productivity.

Pump capacity depends on the depth of the well (the well), and is determined by plotting pump capacity Q (l / min) from the head H (m).

  • Productivity, l/h:

the depth of 1 m, not less than 1050

the depth of 40m, no less - 432

  • Power, W – 225. The AC voltage, To - 220
  • Dimensions (LxW), mm - 280х100
  • Lower water intake
  • Weight (without wire), kg 3,6
  • Wire 10m, 15m, 25m, 40m

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